Steps Toward Sustainability in 2023

Sustainability in 2023

In 2023, business sustainability is the subject of many executive meetings and reports.  Naturally, as a business proprietor, you want to find ways to increase the chances of your business not only surviving but thriving well into the future.  Here’s how sustainability factors into what matters to your business.  


Why Do Sustainable Practices Matter?

Sustainability not only refers to wise business practices and internal corporate processes, but also refers to an active effort to conduct business in a way that benefits the economy, employee collective, and environment.  This process requires intentionality both as a business proprietor and as an employee of that business.  


Start Small 

It does not take a high dollar investment to get started in making your business more sustainable.  Start small by combing through your daily business practices.  Do you leave the office lights on when no one is utilizing the space? Switch them off, easy.  Is a work-from-home program in place for some or all of your employees?  Consider the savings on travel and energy consumption.  Start small and work your way up from there.  Sustainability starts at the roots.  


We Can Help 

NTG Environmental has been helping companies implement sustainability practices for decades.  We specialize in providing ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) Consulting as well as Oil and Gas site assessment and remediation.  All with sustainability at the core of our mission.  Start a conversation with our team today and let’s work together to build more sustainable businesses for a more sustainable future.