Site Assessment & Remediation: How We Can Help You.

Getting All of The Facts

When moving forward with any project whether residential, commercial, or industrial, it’s not only wise but vital to have a complete and accurate understanding of the facts.  NTG Environmental employs time-tested strategies and techniques in performing Environmental Site Assessment (ESA’s) and site remediation.  


Why ESA’s Are Important

When approaching the purchase of a site or strategizing for a currently owned site, ESA’s protect you from liability and present all the pertinent information.  This allows you to move forward with confidence.  Phase I ESA’s were designed to conduct due diligence and protect prospective owners against federal Superfund Liabilities.  Furthermore, conducting an ESA informs regarding a site’s health by uncovering possible contaminations.   


Webb County, TX

In NTG Environmental’s work with Webb County, TX, we installed a wind and solar-powered aeration unit to reduce benzene concentrations in 500 cubic yards of soil from 13 mg/kg to .026 mg/kg in just three months.  All of this was accomplished with a minimal budget on highly remote land.  No matter the restrictions and challenges we will always work to get the job done right, on time, and on budget.  


Cameron Parish, LA

Another area we’ve successfully implemented ESA’s and remediation is Cameron Parish, LA.  In a more involved project, we conducted a full Phase II ESA following a well blowout that impacted two upland acres as well as thirty coastal wetland acres.  Our team of experts conducted site remediation and, in the course of roughly 18 months, brought the affected area within applicable LDNR regulations.  All for a total cost of $8,911 per acre.  


Let’s Work Together

Environmental Site Assessment and remediation protect current and potential site owners from unnecessary liability.  With our team of technical experts and engineers at your service, no site is too big or too small for NTG Environmental.  Contact our team of experts to move forward with your site today!