Site Assessment and Remediation: A Case Study

Responding immediately and efficiently to environmental impact situations is the most important part of remediation. It is absolutely crucial that companies have access to the best in strategic remedial action plan development. At NTG Environmental, we work tirelessly to provide our clients with industry-leading Environmental Site Assessments (ESA’s).

These site assessments are conducted immediately site on the scene to mitigate environmental liabilities, achieve regulatory compliance, and provide our clients with each step along the path towards remediation. Our ESAs meet the US Environmental Protection Agency’s All Appropriate Inquiries criteria and associated ASTM E1527-21 and ASTM E1903-19 standards.

For example, our team conducted a comprehensive Phase II ESA following a well blowout that released 280 bbls of condensate; 500,000 bbls of brine; and 420 yd3 of produced sand, resulting in impacts to 2 upland acres and 30 coastal wetland acres. NTG Environmental remediated the impacted area with conventional and innovative strategies, including the homogenization of amendments (gypsum, fertilizer, lime, sulfur, etc.) with a track-hoe mounted Fecon® unit, construction of French drains, and onsite treatment and discharge of extracted groundwater. Concentrations of oil & grease, electrical conductivity, exchangeable sodium percentage, barium, and pH (among others) were brought into compliance under applicable LDNR regulations within 18 months of treatment for a total cost of $8,911 per acre.

Throughout this time out in the field, our team is also available to negotiate with regulatory agencies, as well as stakeholders to reach concurrence for “No Further Action”.

At NTG Environmental, we aim to work as quickly as possible to characterize the site conditions and help identify the situation on your site so that it may be addressed cost-effectively and efficiently. If you and your company are interested in our services, we would love to work with you to help guarantee your work environment is safe and allows you to reach your goals.