New Source Review (NSR) Permitting

It is crucial for your business to stay up to date on federal and state air regulations. If you aren’t up to speed on regulatory requirements or creating proactive plans to meet them, compliance orders, fines, and reputational damage may be your company’s future. You’ve worked hard on delivering value to your organization, and your projects can’t afford delays. 

Here at NTG Environmental, we offer comprehensive air quality permitting. Our experienced air quality specialists stay up to date with the nuances of air quality compliance rules and regulations. As a result, our clients around the country take ownership of their air quality responsibilities. We are with you through the entire air permitting process; from the initial air quality permit application to maintaining compliance with the issued permits. 

Regardless, it can be unclear which permits are relevant to your business and the effects they may have. In addition, permit programs can vary by state, which can contribute to the confusion. To help clear this up, we will break down New Source Review (NSR) permit applications. 

NSR is a Clean Air Act (CAA) program that requires industrial facilities to install modern pollution control equipment when built or making a change that significantly increases emissions. It is commonly referred to as the “pre construction air permitting program.”

The primary goal of the NSR program is to protect public health and the environment by ensuring air quality does not worsen in areas where air quality is currently unhealthy to breathe (i.e, non attainment areas)  or where the air quality is not significantly degraded and is currently clean (i.e., attainment areas). Therefore, if your facility has the potential to emit (PTE) any regulated pollutant in amounts beyond what is allowed, you must obtain an air quality permit. 

NSR pollutants are set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and states may develop unique NSR requirements and procedures as long as they are as stringent as the EPA’s claims. The “criteria” pollutants set by the EPA are ozone, carbon monoxide, particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, lead, and nitrogen oxide. 

NTG Environmental is here to assist you through your NSR permit application process to help you operate safely and efficiently. In addition to NSR permit assistance, additional air quality permitting offerings include:

  • Federal NSR Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) and Non attainment NSR permit applications
  • Federal operating permit (Title V) applications
  • State minor source permit applications
  • Permit by Rule (PBR) and Standard Permit registrations
  • Permitting strategies
  • Compliance Determinations
  • Public Notices
  • Air Dispersion Modeling