Need An H2S Contingency Plan? We Can Help.

We Can Help You Develop an H2S Contingency Plan

In the oil and gas sector, health and safety hazards can pose significant threats to personnel working onsite and surrounding communities.  Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) naturally occurs in many oil and gas reservoirs containing sour crude oil or sour natural gas.  H2S is dangerous due to its toxicity even in low concentrations.  Causing respiratory distress, eye irritation, loss of consciousness and even death in worst cases, H2S-related incidents are responsible for 106 worker deaths between 2001 and 2017.  Though H2S poses a significant threat, our team of seasoned experts prepares H2S contingency plans for oil and gas operators.   

What is an H2S Contingency Plan?


An H2S contingency plan outlines actions to take for alerting and protecting the public within a specified area of exposure.  This applies to events prior to an intentional release or after an accidental release of H2S. These plans take into account conditions that may be present in given areas of potential exposure and provide contact information for potentially affected individuals and response actions.  


Why You Need One

Having an H2S contingency plan is important for several reasons.  First, having a contingency plan displays a commitment to worker safety and public safety.  Providing proper personal protective equipment (PPE), training, and plans in case of emergency are all necessary steps toward safety.   Additionally, a proper contingency plan ensures regulatory requirements are met, saving you time and money on the back end. Finally, an H2S contingency plan streamlines communication between workers, supervisors, and surrounding communities.  Every second counts in emergencies and with oil and gas operations there is a slim margin for error. 


We Can Help

For the last 25 years, NTG Environmental stands among the best in the oil and gas industry.  Our commitment to knowledge, process, and best practice informs both our work in the field and our interaction with clients.  We know your time is valuable and it is a resource often spread thin.  Contact our team of experts today to take the next step in developing an H2S contingency plan for your current or future drilling project.  We get the job done right, the first time.