Environmental Due Diligence: What Is It and Why Does it Matter?

If you know NTG Environmental, you know one of the core tenets of our business is good stewardship of our natural resources. Furthermore, conducting environmental due diligence increased in importance greatly over the past several decades. With attention to detail, proven processes, and hardworking individuals, we can help your business do its part in stewarding resources well.

What is It?

Put simply, environmental due diligence refers to the process of managing a client’s liability in relationship to environmental assets. Most often, an assessment is conducted to piece together enough data to build a historical profile around an asset. With environmental regulations and best practices often changing over the lifetime of an asset, conducting due diligence ensures a client has all pertinent information prior to a transaction or progressive action regarding the asset.

Why Does It Matter?

By engaging in a proactive site assessment process, a client can mitigate potential liability and rest assured knowing they have all the necessary information regarding a site. Projects fail every day due to lawsuits, fines, and previously unforeseen site remediation. Thus, conducting due diligence sheds light on any potential liability.

Other Services?

Alongside due diligence assessments, NTG Environmental offers several other audits and evaluations.

Third Party Environmental Audits
Regards liability associated with waste storage, disposal, or transportation facilities and permits.

Asset Retirement Obligation (ARO) Evaluations
Estimation of costs by our expert team considering well abandonment and plugging, removal of equipment, and land restoration.

Pre-Construction Environmental Site Assessments
Gives a full environmental picture of a site before construction begins. Helps to avoid potentially sensitive areas and gives thorough site background data.

With decades of expertise under our belt in environmental due diligence and the process that it entails, NTG Environmental is here to guide you through the minutia and regulatory hoops to help your business thrive. Contact our team of professionals today to get started.