Cameron Parish, LA

NTG Environmental conducted a comprehensive Phase II ESA following a well blowout that released 280 bbls of condensate; 500,000 bbls of brine; and 420 yd3 of produced sand, resulting in impacts to 2 upland acres and 30 coastal wetland acres. NTG Environmental remediated the impacted area with conventional and innovative strategies, including the homogenization of amendments (gypsum, fertilizer, lime, sulfur, etc.) with a track-hoe mounted Fecon® unit, construction of French drains, and onsite treatment and discharge of extracted groundwater. Concentrations of oil & grease, electrical conductivity, exchangeable sodium percentage, barium, and pH (among others) were brought into compliance under applicable LDNR regulations within 18 months of treatment for a total cost of $8,911 per acre.