6 Environmental Services That Help Your Company Promote Sustainability

We Provide Thoughtful, Sustainability-focused Solutions

New Tech Global Environmental is dedicated to providing thoughtful and sustainability-focused environmental solutions for you.  We desire to be good stewards of our natural resources and want the same for you.  At NTG Environmental, we offer a suite of environmental services geared toward helping you promote a cleaner environmental future.  

Environmental Due Diligence

With a deep well of expertise in local, state, and federal regulations, our teams perform environmental due diligence and compliance audits at the highest level.  Whether you need an initial site screening or a full-scale, in-field review, New Tech Global Environmental is here to provide the best for you.  

Air Quality Compliance

The last thing anyone wants, whether you’re an operator or civilian, is to be out of compliance with air quality standards.  In order to maintain proper stewardship of our resources, we can help you continue to operate within the bounds of state and federal air quality standards.  

NTG Site Assessment & Remediation

Our professional staff specializes in oil and gas site assessment and remediation.  Completing the job right the first time is of the utmost importance, so let us help you save time and money with our site assessment and remediation services.   

Water Quality & Natural Resource Assessment

Whether you’re in the private or public sector, NTG Environmental has a team of scientists and engineers that are experts in spill prevention, biological and natural resource surveys, and other types of sustainability support.  

ESG Strategy and Sustainability

ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance.  In order for companies to grow and flourish in the current ecosystem of business, proper ESG standards must be met and championed.  More and more, we have seen the importance of businesses disclosing proper practices and procedures to stakeholders and shareholders alike.  NTG Environmental can help you develop an intentional sustainability strategy for your business’s ESG needs.  

Regulatory Compliance

If there’s even an iota of your business out of compliance with a local, state, or federal guideline, it can bring your entire operation to a screeching halt.  These interruptions cost you valuable time and money.  Operating under the oversight of multiple regulatory agencies with different rules and processes can be daunting.  Let us handle the heavy bureaucratic lifting for you.  

Work With New Tech Global to Help Your Business Thrive Sustainably!

At the end of the day, we all want the same thing:  a cleaner future for everyone.  Furthermore, we at NTG Environmental thrive by providing you with the highest quality service possible for whatever your need.  Contact our team today to learn how we can help you accomplish your goals.